Simformotion™ LLC, Peoria, Ill.—a leader in heavy equipment simulator training solutions—announces the release of the new Cat® Simulators Small Wheel Loader System. The versatile machine is set in a construction environment where operators can learn the same production applications found on actual worksites.

The system features authentic controls combined with simulated applications, including the forks work tool attachment. The Small Wheel Loader teaches Controls Familiarization, how to perform a machine Walkaround, Driving, Loading and Carrying, Stockpiling, Truck Loading, Truck Spotting, Backfilling with the commercial and multipurpose buckets, Carrying Objects with the multipurpose bucket, Quick Coupler operation, Unloading Pallets with the Forks work tool and a special Open Training mode.

Cat® Simulators systems also include the exclusive records management software, SimU Campus™. The software records and reports the results of all simulation sessions so instructors and users can track progress and identify any skills that need improvement. Hundreds of benchmarks based on Caterpillar expert operators are included in the system, with the operator’s performance measured against these benchmarks and outcomes recorded to a database. Special bonus features on the Small Wheel Loader Simulator System include companion iPad training, multiple languages and available motion platform.

Melissa Vanne, Simformotion LLC Sales Manager, says “We listened closely to our customers and developed a simulator system that teaches the applications that they use on actual worksites. The Small Wheel Loader is a versatile machine that is a workhorse for any size company. From loading and carrying to using the fork tool attachment, the goal is to get our customers’ operators trained more effectively and efficiently—and help them save costs. The Cat® Simulators Small Wheel Loader Simulator System is the training tool to do all three.”

In addition to the new Small Wheel Loader System, Cat Simulators are available in Articulated Truck, M-Series Motor Grader, Large Mining Dozer, Mining Truck, Heavy Construction Dozer, Hydraulic Excavator, Off-Highway Truck, Large Wheel Loader, and FM Log Loader. For more information, visit

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