Does VR Training Work for Safety & Hazard Situations?

A question many organizations are asking: Does VR training really work when it comes to safety? You bet it does. Just ask Tyson Foods. In 2017, the company set a goal of reducing injuries by 15%. They had a VR program developed to drive safety and hazard awareness training.

5 Reasons to Use Simulation Now

Simulation training is highly successful when it comes to engaging learners and teaching how to perform tasks, techniques, or processes. The ability to train multiple people in the same way, expose them to real-world situations in the safety of the virtual environment, makes simulation training an

Simulator Cleaning 101 During the Pandemic

Cleaning around us has never been as important as right now during the pandemic. Cat® Simulators recommends some cleaning tips for users. Thanks to large screens, users can still practice and others can practice social distancing while watching the training.Take a few extra steps to make sure the simulator is

Simformed Mar/Apr 2020

In This Issue Uninterrupted Support. Heavy Equipment Operator Demand. Ongoing Training. COVID-19 Response – Uninterrupted Support to our Customers As organizations navigate through the effects of COVID-19 around the world, we want to assure you that at Simformotion™,  we are doing everything

Heavy Equipment Operator Demand

The demand for heavy equipment operators is present in every region of the country. It’s a well-paying career with an opportunity for growth. Students or people that want a mid-career change can find training through community colleges, unions and apprenticeships.

Simformotion™ LLC Now Accepting 2020-2021 Scholarship Applications

Peoria, Ill.— Simformotion™ LLC is accepting applications for an academic collegiate scholarship for the 2020-2021 school year, to support careers in heavy equipment operation, construction management, mining engineering, forestry operations or another heavy equipment-related career. A $2,000 scholarship will be awarded to a student enrolled in an accredited heavy-equipment-related program

Simformed January/February 2020

In This Issue Fatigue Infographic. Scholarship. Train-the-Trainer Course. Convertible Simulator Systems. From The Editor Fatigue is killer in many ways. It can negatively affect a person’s health, it can cause accidents—even be attributed to deaths. Fatigue can certainly cause

Les simulateurs Cat® VR Edition

Expérience de formation à un nouveau niveau! Les simulateurs Cat® VR Edition, dotés de la technologie brevetée VR Now ™, permettent aux utilisateurs d’activer et de désactiver le mode VR de manière transparente sans perdre sa place. Bénéficiez d'une meilleure perception de la profondeur lors du chargement, de la

Simformed Nov/Dec 2019

In This Issue  Press coverage. PSA. In the news. On the road with Cat® Simulators. Meet the team. From The Editor When we get to read about our customers and simulators in the news, we get really excited.

Simformed Sept/Oct 2019

In this Issue New product development. Unions train with Cat® Simulators. Train the Trainer course. On the road with Cat® Simulators to France. Meet the team. From the Editor Product development is an ongoing process here at Simformotion™. We never sit still and are always conducting R&D to

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