Maintenance Tips for Maximum Uptime Series: Excavator

Avoid extra maintenance and keep Excavators in production longer by training operators on proper use, including conducting a pre-operation walkaround inspection before every shift. Beyond the walkaround inspection and regularly scheduled maintenance checks, follow these tips to get maximum uptime from your Excavator.Properly use the travel function to prevent premature

Catholic Charities Community Services Provides Career Pathways to Improve Lives and Communities

“Helping our community's most vulnerable with solutions that permanently improve lives” is Catholic Charities Community Services’ mission statement. And that’s precisely what Catholic Charities does and more. Through its Center for Educational Opportunity and Career Pathways, the organization provides adult education courses for those individuals wishing to pursue education and

Dozer Operator Safety Tips Infographic

Dozers come in multiple sizes and can be found moving materials efficiently and effectively on both construction and mining sites. Like all heavy equipment operators, Dozer operators must always have an eye on safety. Download our free Dozer Operator Safety Tips infographic to remind operators how to keep themselves, others and the Dozer

Innovation Drives Sustainability Infographic

When companies replace traditional on-the-iron heavy equipment training with Cat Simulators systems, they can help meet corporate sustainability initiatives while saving fuel, oil and other maintenance costs. Download our free infographic to learn more about how training with simulators can drive sustainability and save costs.

And the Winners of the First-Ever Cat® Simulators Student Showdown are…!!!

In September, Cat® Simulators invited students from across the U.S. who were enrolled in heavy equipment operator (HEO) programs to compete in the first-ever Cat Simulators Student Showdown. The students would compete virtually from November 28 to December 9 on either the school/college’s Advanced Construction Excavator or Advanced Dozer Cat

Mining Labour in Canada Infographic

With 80,000 new mining workers needed in Canada by 2030, how can mining companies fill the pipeline? By training future workers on authentic Cat® controls in Cat Simulators systems. Download this free Cat Simulators infographic to learn more about mining workers in Canada.

How Simulators Help Meet Demand for Heavy Equipment Operators

The U.S. Bureau of Labor projects more than 50,800 new heavy equipment operator positions will be added to the U.S. workforce every year until 2031. In response, high schools, technical schools, community colleges, and construction companies are creating heavy equipment operator (HEO) programs to fill the pipeline quickly and efficiently.

Simformed November/December 2022

In This Issue Tennessee College of Applied Technology Knoxville Helps Meet Industry Needs With Heavy Equipment Operator Training, Cat® Simulators Demand for Heavy Equipment Operator Infographic, Cat Simulators Systems and SimScholars™ Curriculum Play Key Roles in Georgia’s New Heavy Equipment Operator Training Program’s Success, Introducing SimScholars New Team Member -

Heavy Equipment Operator Demand Infographic

With more than 50,800 new heavy equipment operator positions projected to be added to the U.S. workforce every year until 2031, proper training will be needed more than ever. By training future operators on Cat® Simulators systems, the pipeline can be filled with efficient, productive and safe operators.

Cat® Simulators Systems and SimScholars™ Curriculum Play Key Roles in Georgia’s New Heavy Equipment Operator Training Program’s Success

Cat® Simulators systems along with SimScholars™ heavy equipment operator (HEO) curriculum are playing key roles in the state of Georgia’s newly launched HEO simulator training program.The new HEO program is one of Georgia’s 17 Career Clusters/Pathways which provide a structure for organizing and delivering quality Career, Technical and Agricultural Education