8 09, 2022

Avoid Tire Damage on Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment tires are expensive and must be maintained to get the most life and value out of them. Operators should complete a walkaround inspection every day including checking for damage and wear on tires. Beyond the daily inspection, operators must know how to drive, brake, shift and maneuver equipment

12 07, 2022

Maintenance Tips for Maximum Uptime Series: Wheel Loader

Avoid unnecessary downtime and extra depreciation by properly maintaining your Wheel Loader. Most important is to teach operators to complete a pre-operation walkaround inspection before every shift. Identifying issues before they become major problems can alleviate unplanned costs and missed production days. Beyond the walkaround inspection and adhering to a regular

28 06, 2022

Making a Difference in Incarcerated Prisoners’ Lives One Training Program at a Time

While driving to work in 2019, Henry Sanders, former Career and Technical Educational Coordinator for the Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections, noticed construction work happening in the area.  It was nothing new.  It happened all the time. Then he spotted women operating heavy equipment. And that’s when Sanders

24 05, 2022

From Good To Goat: Quick Wins For Operators

Michael Jordan. Serena Williams. Tom Brady. Simone Biles. Your mileage may vary, but most experts consider these athletes to be the GOAT — greatest of all time — in their respective sports. How’d they earn that title? Natural talent, for sure, but also lots of practice and commitment.Given the ongoing

17 05, 2022

Howard College offers class to operate heavy equipment

BIG SPRING, Texas — Howard college in big spring is using new technology to get students ahead of the game when it comes to jobs that use heavy machinery, which applies to a lot of different jobs in our area. The Heavy Equipment operator course at Howard College opens the

13 05, 2022

Women learn trade skills at Louisiana Correctional Institute

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Since 2016, the incarcerated population has decreased because of programs training people for jobs when they get out of prison. It may look like normal Capital Area construction. “Once I started it, it was just the idea of learning something new and being given an

12 04, 2022

Reduce Employee Turnover With Training Opportunities

The great resignation or the great reshuffling, either way, means you have probably experienced some employee turnover in the last two years. If your organization offers attractive salaries and benefits and you are still losing employees, it may be because of a lack of learning opportunities. According to a survey

1 04, 2022

Hands-on learning: Touring Baker Technical Institute

A rainy day didn’t deter the Baker Technical Institute from welcoming state legislators, county commissioners, Blue Mountain Community College representatives, and company representatives from around the region for a tour on Monday morning, March 28.State Sen. Lynn Findley, R-Vale, whose district includes Baker County, had visited BTI, which is based at