Cat® Simulators feature authentic Cat controls. Operators learn the same procedures as in the actual machine using genuine controls and buttons to match each machine. Learners do not use generic controls or the same control for multiple machines like other simulator companies. Each Cat Simulator features the same genuine controls as found in the actual machine which means operators can make a seamless transition to the field.


Watch how closely Cat Simulators match Cat machines—right down to the authentic Cat controls. Every application in the simulated machines matches applications used on real-world job sites. Every training exercise is developed with Cat expert operators. Whether students are just beginning their education or are seasoned operators training to improve production, Cat Simulators teaches “THE CAT WAY.”


Authentic & Convertible Controls

Change from one machine model to another on the same base frame. Real Cat controls on all simulators.

SimScholars Curriculum

Simformotion offers a simulator curriculum suitable for colleges or businesses.

Multiple Languages

Each Cat Simulator is available
in multiple languages.


24x7 Technical Support

Technical support and maintenance 24/7/365

Training developed with Cat Expert Operators

Makes Cat Simulators the most realistic heavy
equipment simulator available.

VR Edition

Gain greater depth perception and see more of the environment during operation.


  • Learn the Cat way!
  • Exclusive Walkaround training teaches pre-operation machine inspection procedures. (See how closely we follow the Cat way in the video at right.)
  • Hundreds of built-in measurable benchmarks to track learner progress.
  • Multiple training exercises based on real-world machine applications.
  • Training is developed with Caterpillar operator experts.
  • Cat® Simulators is a Cat-licensed brand.