Upon purchase of a Cat® Simulators System, 1 year of Technical Support is provided free. Technical support may be renewed after the first year at a subscription rate. Should you lose the Simulator installation disk or SimU Campus program after the first year, you will need to renew your Support agreement in order to receive the software again. Call 1.877.434.7467 (in US) or 1.309.266.2640.

You may license the software/get a key by emailing or calling the Cat Simulator Helpdesk at 1.877.434.7467 (in US) or 1.309.266.2640.

It must first be determined by the Cat Simulator Helpdesk that the part is indeed defective and covered under warranty. Once this has been verified the Cat Simulator Helpdesk will make arrangements for the part to be repaired or replaced.

Voltage differs for each country from 110 volts to 220 volts. Plus shapes, holes and sizes are also different in each country. Some countries like the USA and Canada run on 120 volt 60 cycles (60 Hz) which is the voltage of the Cat Simulators; others run on 220/240 volt 50 cycles (50Hz). This difference in voltage can be solved by using an appropriate voltage converter. Purchase the proper voltage converter from a reputable source.

No; our experience has shown that any deviation from the recommended computer and video card may cause issues that can be difficult if not impossible to correct. Each simulator is tested extensively before being sent to a customer. Through this rigorous testing phase, we know the combination of hardware, software, graphics drivers, etc. will perform as expected. We cannot make the same statement regarding any other combination of products. Because we want to provide the very best experience for our customers, we package the computer with the simulator.

Contact The Cat Simulator Helpdesk at 1.877.434.7467 (in US) or 1.309.266.2640 or with the following information:

  • Type of simulator
  • New computer serial number
  • Licensing mode (single user or multi user)
  • License code (code generated by the simulator)
  • Serial number provided during initial licensing

You can get pricing simply by calling 1.877.434.7467 (in US) or 1.309.266.2640.

We currently offer the following Cat® Simulator products (found HERE):

  • Articulated Truck
  • Electric Rope Shovel
  • FM Log Loader
  • Hydraulic Excavator
  • Large Track Type Tractor
  • Large Wheel Loader
  • Mining Truck
  • M-Series Motor Grader
  • Off-Highway Truck
  • Small Wheel Loader
  • Track Feller Buncher
  • Track Type Tractor

You can place an order by simply calling 1.877.434.7467 (in US) or 1.309.266.2640.