Mining Simulators

Cat® Simulators teach the same applications as found on real-world mine sites. Using correct operational techniques increases safety and production. Cat® Simulators are the only Caterpillar-licensed simulators on the market.

Simulator System

Cat® Simulators full system features convertible OEM controls; 3-4-monitor screens; motion; and many optional accessories. Simulation training includes multiple machine applications built with Cat expert operators to teach the same techniques as found on real-world worksites. Record and report the results of simulations sessions and track user progress.

Mining Truck

Teaches the learner foundational applications like
driving and braking, plus many other challenging applications.

Mining Truck Skill Builder

Hone skills and gain more experience on the Mining Truck with the ability to move freely in the environment. Load, unload, haul, and learn more techniques.

Large Wheel Loader

Teaches the learner applications to operate in a quarry.

Large Track Type Tractor

Includes many foundational applications the learner needs to get started, plus more challenging techniques like ripping and pushing over a highwall.

Large Mining Dozer with Coal

Includes specific machine training for applications in coal, such as pushing coal into a feeder and erosion control.

Off-Highway Truck

The learner will gain experience with foundational applications, plus more challenging techniques like hauling and unloading.

Underground Load Haul Dump

Teaches the learner to operate the machine in the
dark and in tight confined conditions of an
underground mine.

All Cat Simulators Systems Feature:

  • Authentic Cat® Controls
  • Multiple training exercises built with Cat expert operators.
  • Hundreds of measurable benchmarks to track learner progress.
  • Exclusive Machine Walkaround Training
  • Open Training Modules to create site specific processes or recreate dangerous scenarios for safety training.
  • Multiple Languages
  • SimScholars™ Curriculum available for blended learning. Online or in-class learning.
  • 24×7 Technical Support
  • Manager’s Workstation Option

Accessories available by model: VR, Motion System, Trailer Mount Package, Rolling System, Turn-Key Curriculum.