Peoria, Ill.— Simformotion LLC – a leader in heavy equipment simulator training solutions – now offers SimScholars heavy equipment training curriculum turn-key solutions to use with Cat® Simulators.

Currently used in conjunction with 10 construction Cat Simulators systems, SimScholars’ online, scalable and customizable curriculums provide educational materials, support and guidance to instructors, in or out of the classroom. From beginning to end, the curriculums provide instructors with a course overview, exercise objectives, learning outcomes, lesson plans, step-by-step procedures, checklists/schedules, maps, student management tools, quizzes and pre-tests.  

C.W. Matthews Contracting Co., Inc., located in Marietta, GA, structures its entire 12-week, in-house apprenticeship program around the SimScholars curriculum.

“The curriculum really gives us a good path to follow to get our apprentices on the fast track to becoming operators for C.W. Matthews,” explained Jeremy Whitaker, Recruitment & Development Manager. “I really love the program.”

“Starting each module with safety is very important,” said Whitaker. “That’s the foundation of everything that we do. Because it doesn’t matter if you’re the best operator on planet earth. If you’re not working safely, it doesn’t matter.”

Because safety is a priority on any jobsite, every SimScholars course begins with lessons in jobsite, machine and personal safety. Students learn how to recognize and avoid jobsite hazards, the importance of personal protection equipment (PPE) and how to operate heavy equipment safely so everyone returns home safe every day. Students learn how to conduct machine-specific walkaround inspections and operate the machine by familiarizing themselves with the authentic Cat controls. Learners review videos of expert guided step-by-step simulations, walk through specific lessons associated with each simulation exercise, then are ready to begin their hands-on training on Cat Simulators.

As students train on the Cat Simulator, the system generates a report instructors can compare to expert benchmarks set by Caterpillar subject matter experts. In addition to the simulator-generated reports, each curriculum includes multiple quizzes throughout the course to evaluate students’ in-class knowledge.

Whitaker explained that the apprentices have to pass all the quizzes and simulator module tasks according to the curriculum metrics. Their program ends with a field experience where the apprentices are evaluated on real excavators.

“We have tasks for them to do on the real equipment that line up with what they learned throughout the program,” explained Whitaker. Whitaker then asks each apprentice which was easier to operate, the simulator or real machine.

“After approximately 40 hours of in-class instruction and simulator time, every one of them says the real equipment is easier to operate than the simulator.” He continued, “And that’s exactly what we want. The level of training and preparation of the program prepares them so well that when they sit in the real machine it’s like putting on a comfortable pair of blue jeans. The simulator has prepared them just that well to become operators.”

SimScholars turn-key curriculum solutions are currently available for Articulated Truck, M-Series Motor Grader, Dozer/Track Type Tractor, Advanced Dozer, SimLite Dozer, Hydraulic Excavator, Advanced Construction Excavator, SimLite Excavator, Small Wheel Loader and Mining Truck Cat Simulators with more in development.

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