Peoria, Ill.— Simformotion™ LLC – a leader in heavy equipment simulator training solutions –announces the release of the new Cat® Simulators System, Small Wheel Loader Skill Builder.

Set in a construction environment, the system allows users to build heavy equipment operation skills for the Small Wheel Loader. Learn to load and unload materials; properly shift and brake; maneuver around obstacles; and more. Correct operation leads to increased safety, production, and cost savings. Simulation is a safe alternative to training on an actual machine where consequences of accidents can be deadly, let alone costly. Learners can train anytime and anywhere using simulators—no need to take a machine out of production or worry about weather.

Once operators learn the foundational skills of operating the Small Wheel Loader, to reach optimum levels of production, they need to refine skills for accuracy and efficiency and safety. “Our customers have asked for more flexibility in the environment to allow them to train for site-specific scenarios with their choice of materials. The Skill Builder line offers that flexibility to trainers. Students and operators can work with the same materials found on actual jobsites around the world. The results of simulations sessions are recorded and reported to find out how students and operators perform,” says Lara Aaron, CEO of Simformotion.

The Small Wheel Loader Skill Builder simulator is available in multiple languages. Genuine Cat controls, a reporting tool, and a curriculum make the system unique to Cat Simulators. The system also has an option for VR Edition. The headset allows the user great depth perception and a larger view of the environment.

In addition to the new Small Wheel Loader Skill Builder system, Cat Simulators are available in many other models for the construction, mining and forestry industries. Visit for more information.

About Simformotion™ LLC Simformotion™ LLC is a leader in heavy equipment simulator training solutions. Simulation can help address initiatives such as safety and production; while ensuring training can be delivered anytime day or night, regardless of weather conditions. Cat Simulators are chosen as training solutions in such markets as mining, construction, forestry, government, and trade and vocational schools. Simformotion™ LLC is a licensee of Caterpillar Inc. As used herein, “Simformotion” means Simformotion™ LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.

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