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Get scholarship money for an operator-in-training. Simulators train in the Arctic. Learn Something New. Cat Simulators visit the southwest. Meet the Team.

From the Editor

Welcome to 2018! We are happy to bring you the first issue of Simformed. Every other month, we use this email update to provide you with the latest news about Cat® Simulators and the industries that we serve. The issues that you face are important to us. We report the best in simulator training methods and will share new discoveries, how they impact training, and how good training impacts your bottom line.

We have free money to give away in 2018! Do you know someone studying towards a career in heavy equipment? Or do you want to inspire someone to start a career in heavy equipment? We have a scholarship opportunity for a person studying in a heavy equipment-related field.

The 2018-2019 Cat Simulators Scholarship is an opportunity for  individuals who want to further their education, or for training organizations/schools looking for a way to encourage more students to consider heavy-equipment training programs. Applications are now being accepted. Details about the process can be found under the “Resources” tab of the Cat Simulators website. Download the application or email us to request a copy. Individuals are encouraged to apply. Training facilities and schools can use the information to promote and build interest in their programs.

Training Operators in the Arctic

The Northwest Territories of Canada encompass forest, mountains and islands. Beyond the remote tundra is the Arctic. Nuna Training Technologies, a private vocational school located in the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada, navigates the remote lands to bring heavy equipment training to several outlying locations.


Operator Tip

Maintain a working area of 45° to the left and right of the Excavator undercarriage. This ensures the machine won’t easily tip over or cause excessive wear and tear to the undercarriage.

Troy Bombardier
Cat Simulators Training Instructor/Design Specialist
Simformotion™ LLC

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Simulators on the Road

Curt Meyer, Account Manager, hit the road the first week of the new year! Working with a local Cat Dealer in the southwest, Meyer demonstrated the new Advanced Construction Excavator to a Department of Transportation Training Center.  Using the new Gen 4 convertible controls, showed how a single base (aka chassis) can train Excavator, Loader, Dozer and Grader operator techniques.  The southwest Training Center works with nearly 800 operators a year, so the ability to quickly and easily switch between machine models is critical.  The DOT was especially interested in the virtual pre-shift Walkaround module (exclusive to Cat Simulators) to improve operator safety and reduce equipment damage. The DOT also plans to assess operators using the simulator before allowing them to head out to the field for hands-on training.

Meet the Team

Meet Jillian Maioli, Cat Simulators Warehouse Manager and Trainer for Simformotion LLC. In this role, Maioli oversees the full production of simulators from the beginning engineering process, to the assembly and delivery of Cat Simulators; and in some cases travels around the world to train clients and dealers on Cat Simulators.  She manages the team that designs, builds, installs, networks and tests the simulators before they leave the warehouse. When needed, she trains clients on each simulator, following a specific agenda to ensure each person has a full understanding of the simulator performance and use of accessory items. This also includes setting up classes and reports in the records management software, and all other aspects of training for Cat Simulators.