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This year, one of our goals at Cat® Simulators is to have our president, Ken Pflederer, get out and meet some of our customers. It’s really important to us to get feedback from clients on how you are using Cat Simulators; what you like most, what you don’t like, and what you would like to see in the future. We are busy planning future products and any and all feedback help us during this process.

Recently Ken visited U.S. Steele. Here he shares a bit about the reason for his visit and what he accomplished.

I have learned that being in business means listening to customers and sometimes making changes based on customer feedback.

In February I traveled to US Steel in Northern Minnesota, USA, with Andy Grabenstetter, Simulator Development Project Manager. The main reason for the trip was the fact that the good people at US Steel were not pleased with one of our Simulators. When we arrived at the mine operation, we entered the simulator training room to find a very dirty and hard-used Cat® Mining Truck simulator. It was obvious that the training group at US Steel was very serious about integrating simulation training into their curriculum. They were a test site for our newly developed Incident Response training pack (add-on training for the Mining Truck Simulator) before it was to be released to the public. The simulation version they were testing just wasn’t working for them — to the point of high frustration. Andy had previously held a phone conference with the trainers and listened to their feedback before we visited. Andy had the 3D developers modify the Incident Response module to incorporate their suggestions. In less than 10 minutes Andy had installed the fixes and we physically saw the frustration turn to satisfaction on their faces. As the CEO of a service-oriented company, there is nothing more satisfying than to see our customers smile.

The story doesn’t end here. After the instructors had the Incident Response training pack working, they mentioned that it would be much more effective to “feel it” when a tire blows out. Over the next few weeks we were able to supply them with our new motion platform that replicates the actual motion of the vehicle during the simulated exercises.

I am thrilled that we were able to serve their needs just by listening.

Ken Pflederer, CEO Simformotion LLC.

Truck Training Trio

Get the most out of Mining Truck training when you combine the simulator system, a motion platform and the new Incident Response training pack!

You can either add motion and incident response to your existing Cat® Simulator Mining Truck Simulator System, or purchase all three pieces for a special price. The motion platform allows users to feel vibration and movement when the simulated machine is running during training exercises. Operators will gain the knowledge and skills needed for controls and applications, plus learn how to make the precision movements necessary to increase productivity, better learn tipping points on machines and much more.


The emergency incidents can be added to occur during any exercise available. Incidents can be randomized so that users do not get accustomed to receiving the same incident at the same point. All incidents can be controlled through the SimU Campus™ records management program.

Recoverable incidents will allow the user to continue simulation, but incidents where the vehicle will need service before continued operation will halt once the user properly addresses the situation or if they fail to do so. Results will be measured, recorded and reported to gauge user progress. To find out more about the Mining Truck simulator system, motion platform and Incident Response training pack, contact an Account Manager at 1.309.266.2640.

Train to Operate the Versatile Small Wheel Loader Now with Fork Tool Attachment


The Cat Small Wheel Loader simulator system features authentic controls combined with simulated applications, including exercises to learn to use the fork work tool attachment. The Small Wheel Loader is set in a construction environment and teaches Controls Familiarization, how to perform a machine Walkaround, Driving, Hauling, Loading and Carrying, Stockpiling, Truck Loading, Truck Spotting, Backfilling with the commercial and multipurpose buckets, Carrying Objects with the multipurpose bucket, Quick Coupler operation, Unloading Pallets with Forks and a special Open Training mode. Contact an Account Manager today at 1.309.266.2640 to find out how you can begin training on the versatile Small Wheel Loader simulator.

Attention Track Type Tractor Simulator System Users: We want your Feedback!


Cat Simulators is conducting a short 5-minute survey to get feedback on users of the Track Type Tractor Simulator System. If you have used the Simulator or trained others using the system, please take a few minutes to fill out the survey. Your responses will remain confidential and will help us as we plan for future upgrades.

Free Training Graphic! Articulated Truck Training Reduces Accidents


Articulated Trucks are large machines that contain a special oscillating hitch that enables the truck to operate in rough terrain and poor underfoot conditions. They are found on construction, mining, and quarry operations around the world. When fully loaded the vehicle weighs 163,087 pounds! That kind of weight and size means it is imperative that the operator knows how to safely operate the truck. Many accidents, especially truck overturns, occur each year because un-trained or undertrained operators are driving trucks before they are fully ready. The key to fewer accidents is training for safe operation.

Read more and see the Infographic

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Oil & Gas Industry Site Prep

When training operators to prepare sites for oil and gas pipelines, look for the training exercises available on the M-Series Motor Grader, Track Type Tractor and Hydraulic Excavator. Cat Simulators contain exercises for dozing, trenching, backfilling, finish grading and more. Contact an Account Manager for a demo.

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