Articulated Trucks are large machines that contain a special oscillating hitch that enables the truck to operate in rough terrain and poor underfoot conditions. They are found on construction, mining, and quarry operations around the world. When fully loaded the vehicle weighs 163,087 pounds! That kind of weight and size means it is imperative that the operator knows how to safely operate the truck. Many accidents, especially truck overturns, occur each year because un-trained or undertrained operators are driving trucks before they are fully ready. The key to fewer accidents is training for safe operation.

Articulated Truck Training Reduces Accidents

Simulation training can help reduce accidents and increase worksite production. The Cat® Simulators Articulated Truck System can train operators to properly drive and haul loads, and use the service and compression brake. Other applications include; getting loaded through the gate or over the rail, properly unloading the vehicle, and gaining skills practicing a full production cycle. Plus, learn controls familiarization and how to conduct a machine walkaround inspection. Discover the key to increased production and decreased safety issues with Cat Simulators training. Contact an Account Manager at 1.309.266.2640 or by e-mail at and ask for a demo today.