Hamilton Heights High School students (Ind.) learn to move dirt in the classroom with Cat® Simulators. Kids have the opportunity to experience the trades through programs offered at the school and build real skills for their future. 

“Students today are attracted to all things in technology and the SimLite simulator is a perfect tool to introduce them to operating heavy equipment. The simulator provides a safe learning environment for students to become comfortable with the controls and movements of an excavator. The training scenarios are ideal to transition from virtual reality to operating real equipment in our sandbox. From a construction educator perspective, this training technology is a strong representation of an actual construction site and is ideal to mitigate risks to students and equipment. This combination safely enhances the first-time user experience on a piece of heavy equipment,” says Eric Fisher,  Project Lead The Way – CEA Master Teacher, Hamilton Heights High School.

Fisher has dozens of students already signed up for the school’s Civil Construction/Heavy Highway program this fall. Getting students interested and offering courses at the high school level is a great way to build a pipeline for tomorrow’s workforce.

Cat Simulator training teaches safe and efficient operations and readies students for operating actual machines.
Cat Simulators SimLite Excavator
A student learns heavy equipment operation on Cat® Simulators SimLite Excavator as part of a blended learning program at the high school.