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Free Online Training Sessions

During this global pandemic, we know that online training options are more important than ever. While we are all sheltering in place, it is a great time to improve operation techniques and learn new ones. Our in-house operator expert, Troy Bombardier, is hosting online training sessions twice per week. Troy will focus on specific operation techniques on a variety of Cat® Simulators and tie the simulated machine to how it works on a real-world jobsite. Participants will be able to ask questions about the techniques that are presented. The sessions are free to attend. If you would like to attend an upcoming session, find a list of dates and times at:

To sign up for a session, email Jaqui Oseguera at or fill out our contact form.

Curriculum Corner

In addition to online training sessions, our team is working hard to provide other training materials. We want to help customers ensure that every person on a worksite is skilled and gets the proper training. Personal safety on a jobsite and around heavy equipment is priority one. Using Cat Simulators, the learner can begin to understand the machine basics and safety features before operation. From using three-points of contact to mount and dismount the machine, to wearing a safety belt every time, and more, the simulator can build safety awareness for your operators and organization. To learn more about safety features, contact an Account Manager for a demo.

The Cost of Idle Time

As some businesses begin to partially re-open, efficiency and resource conservation is at the forefront of all our minds. Production must be as efficient as possible. Idle time comes with a heavy financial cost to organizations. Fuel use, unplanned maintenance and loss of production are just a few of the issues. Utilizing Cat Simulators to gain skills can help operators cut down on idle time and master efficient techniques without any wear and tear on the actual machine.

To learn more about how Cat Simulators can increase production and save the costs of fuel and maintenance, contact an Account Manager for a demo.

Cat® Safety VR Training

New to our product line is Cat Safety VR for road construction. This VR-only training experience teaches new employees how to interact with coworkers and identify hazards along a busy highway. In the safety of the virtual environment, learners can begin to understand the immediate dangers they will encounter from vehicles, tools, and even their own co-workers. Several real-world scenarios are included in the training. The Cat® Safety VR training offered by Simformotion, comes complete with everything needed to get started. The kit includes a gaming laptop preloaded to run the program, HTC VIVE virtual reality headset system (including hand controls), mount stand kit and transport case. Cat Safety VR is mobile, so users can easily transport the kit anywhere to conduct training with employees.

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