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Introducing Simformotion’s Digital Digest – The Spotlight. Heat-related Hazards Infographic. Maintenance Tips for Maximum Uptime Series: Dozer. Need Help Setting up SimScholars™ Curriculum? Our Curriculum Expert Can Help!

Introducing Our Semi-annual Digital and Print Digest Featuring Customer Success Stories – The Spotlight

We are proud to introduce our newest publication, The Spotlight, a semi-annual digital and print digest featuring customer success stories, useful infographics, and informative machine and industry articles. In this issue, we feature three successful heavy equipment operator programs: Carmeuse, a family-owned materials and services company; the state of Georgia’s high school pathways program and Catholic Charities Community Services adult learning program.

You’ll also discover how learners can train on Cat Simulators Backhoe Loader system, key maintenance tips to remember to get maximum uptime from your Excavator and more. Check out Issue I:

Heat-related Hazards Infographic

Construction workers globally can find themselves working in extremely hot temperatures which can result in illnesses or possibly even fatalities. To help remind workers about heat-related hazards, we created this infographic that provides safety tips and practices to help workers stay safe and protect themselves. Download this free infographic to remind employees how to stay safe in extreme heat.

Maintenance Tips for Maximum Uptime Series: Dozer

Maintaining your fleet’s productivity can mean the difference between completing a job successfully on time or experiencing delays that could hurt your bottom line. By training your operators how to conduct a pre-inspection walkaround, regularly scheduling maintenance checks and operating your Dozer properly, you can keep it in production longer and avoid unexpected repairs. Share these tips with your operators to get maximum uptime from your tracked Dozer.

Need Help Setting up SimScholars™ Curriculum? Our Curriculum Expert Can Help!

If you have a SimScholars™ curriculum subscription but haven’t started using it yet, we’re here to help. Maybe you need guidance on how to set it up and integrate it into your heavy equipment operator program or your organization’s instructors require additional training to use it effectively?

Our curriculum specialist can guide you and your instructors through the curriculum, show you how to set up class rosters, evaluate students’ progress, administer quizzes, prepare students for tests and much more. Our specialist is ready to assist you!

Contact us to schedule a SimScholars help session virtually or in person.