Maintenance Tips for Maximum Uptime Series: Compact Track Loader

Compact Track Loaders will stay in production longer with preventative maintenance and proper use. Include a pre-operation machine inspection before every shift. Regularly scheduled maintenance checks, along with these tips, will achieve maximum uptime from Compact Track Loaders.Know the bucket’s load capacity and never exceed the limits. Overloading the machine

Articulated Truck Machine Safety Tips: Infographic

Every movement counts when operators are behind the wheel of an Articulated Truck. Though moving materials from one place to another may appear straightforward, the articulating hitch can make the process extremely dangerous. To remind operators how to stay safe when driving an articulated truck, download and post the free Cat Simulators

Maintenance Tips for Maximum Uptime Series: Dozer

Extra machine maintenance can be avoided with good operating procedures. Keep tracked Dozers in production longer by training operators on proper use, including conducting a pre-operation machine inspection before every shift. Regularly scheduled maintenance checks, along with these tips will achieve maximum uptime from your tracked Dozer.Load the blade in

Compact Track Loader Operator Safety: Infographic

Because of their versatility, Compact Track Loaders have become common on worksites, from farming operations to construction job sites and landscaping businesses. To help remind operators how to operate Compact Track Loaders safely, we created this free Cat Simulators infographic which provides valuable safety tips that you can share with your operators

The Spotlight – Issue 1

Introducing The Spotlight - our new semi-annual digest! We're excited to showcase our clients' success stories, provide invaluable pre-operation walkaround inspection information, offer machine maintenance tips for heavy equipment operators and more. We hope you enjoy discovering how high schools, technical schools and businesses have integrated Cat Simulators systems into

Trench Safety Infographic

Safety should always be a top priority, especially when it comes to working in trenches. A cave-in can occur suddenly, making it crucial to stay vigilant at all times. Download our free Cat® Simulators infographic on trench safety and display it in your shop, breakroom, or classroom to remind everyone of the

Backhoe Loader Safety Tips Infographic

Being safe on construction sites, farms, and jobsites is important across the globe. By being aware of potential safety hazards and how to prevent them while operating a backhoe loader, operators can keep themselves, other jobsite personnel and their machines safe. Download and post our free Backhoe Loader Operator Safety

Simformed May/June 2023

In This Issue Simformotion™ Operator Skills Training Program. Free Backhoe Loader Operator Safety Infographic. Toombs County High School Pathways Program. What People Are Saying About SimScholars™ Curriculum. Simformotion™ Operator Skills Training Program Would you like your new hires or seasoned operators to receive specialized heavy equipment operator training? Then schedule

Toombs County High School Students on Course for Heavy Equipment Operations

The future looks bright for Toombs County High School students enrolled in the school’s three-course Heavy Equipment Operations (HEO) Pathway program. The high school is one of 12 high schools currently comprising the state of Georgia’s Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) program, which offers a pathway for students to

Maintenance Tips for Maximum Uptime Series: Motor Grader

To avoid unplanned maintenance and keep your Motor Grader in production longer, operators must be properly trained. Operators should complete a pre-operation walkaround inspection before every shift. Beyond the walkaround inspection and regularly scheduling maintenance checks, follow these operation tips to help maintain your Motor Grader for maximum uptime. Make