Watch the video to see more about Warren County Area Technology Center’s heavy equipment operator program.

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – At the Warren County Area Technology Center, high school juniors and seniors are learning how to operate dozers.

After months of preparation by Southcentral Workforce Development Board, Warren County Public Schools, SKYCTC and the BGA Chamber of Commerce, a new program has broken ground for upperclassmen. In a growing city such as Bowling Green, construction workers are in high demand in the city and surrounding areas, especially for those who can operate machinery such as excavators and dump trucks. This collaboration has finally come to fruition in the last couple of weeks and today News 40 was given the opportunity to come out and see for ourselves what new technology is being utilized to further education.

SKYCTC employed a seasoned construction worker by the name of Michael Holtgraver to teach young students about how to handle the large machines that can raze and erect buildings with the help of a state of the art simulator by CAT. Holtgraver said he has experience in commercial construction as well as in the military for almost a decade, making him well equipped for the job. “Every day, every day I get ‘Mr. Holtgraver are we going to run the simulators today?’, so the want to is definitely there.” he said during his interview with News 40.

Kim Myers, Dean of Workforce Development at SKYCTC also commented on the program, expressing how excited she was that it could all come together. Myers said over the summer they sat down with employers in the area about what needs were for the industry, talked about curriculum and other opportunities available to kids progressing through this particular program to help make it a success.