Cat® Simulators Boost Interest in Heavy Equipment Careers in Alaska

Over the past five years, more than 1800 students have logged time on eight different Cat® Simulator models at the Northwestern Alaska Career and Technical Center (NACTEC) in Nome, Alaska. According to NACTEC Director, Doug Walrath, over 12% (229 students) have continued on to more advanced and focused training utilizing

Cat® Simulators featured in Army Engineering Magazine

Find out how Army Reserve engineers are using Cat® Simulators to create a successful learning environment and setting conditions in which challenging situations are met head-on in a virtual environment. Click the image below to download the full article.  

Wheel Tractor-Scraper Simulator System Retired from Cat® Simulators Product Line

In order to focus development and manufacturing efforts on new machines and emerging industries, the Wheel Tractor-Scraper Simulator System will no longer be offered as part of the Cat® Simulators product line. The Wheel Tractor-Scraper was one of the first simulators developed under the licensing agreement that Simformotion™ LLC holds

SIMFORMED – July/August 2016

In this Issue Three reasons to visit Cat® Simulators at MINExpo. Simulators enhance a 25-year old training program. Simulator development begins in the field and fleet managers react to simulator training. From the Editor Every other month, we use Simformed as the means to bring you the latest

How Tri-Rivers Career Center Uses Cat® Simulators in its Ag and Industrial Power Technology Program

Jim Rittler, Ag and Industrial Power Technology Instructor at Tri-Rivers Career Center, has been teaching for the past 20 years. The need for educating skilled graduates has not changed at the career center. However, the training tools have changed—with the implementation of Cat® Simulators. Tri-Rivers Career Center provides career skills

New Cat® Large Wheel Loader Simulator System from Simformotion™ LLC Delivers an Authentic Operating Experience

Peoria, Ill.— With state-of-the-art technology from Simformotion™ LLC – a leader in heavy equipment simulator training solutions – the newly released Cat® Large Wheel Loader Simulator System creates a realistic training experience for operators. Set in a quarry environment, the Large Wheel Loader Simulator System combines original controls with common

SIMFORMED – May/June 2016

In this Issue The Cat® Simulators Large Wheel Loader Simulator System comes with many new features. Customers inform our new product development. Cat® Simulators are on the road, and we’re getting ready for MINExpo 2016. From the Editor How do we know that Cat® Simulators contribute to more

Heavy Equipment Operators in the Workforce

The outlook is bright for future employment as a heavy equipment operator. Opportunity abounds in the field with new construction projects on the rise and the retirement of many seasoned operators within the next few years.

How Aecon Mining Trains Operators with Cat® Simulators

Danny Turner is the Training and Development Coordinator at Aecon Mining in Alberta, Canada. He has worked in construction for 40 years, operating everything from the small dozers and excavators to the large hydraulic shovels found at massive mining operations. During the last 5 years in his role as Training

Simulators Bring Cost Savings and Enriched Training to Utah State University

Utah State University instructor and 20-year heavy equipment industry veteran, Kyle McArthur, wanted to decrease program costs and improve training effectiveness. The addition of a Cat® Hydraulic Excavator Simulator System to the Heavy Equipment and Trucking program at the university’s eastern campus in Price, Utah, has resulted in both. Prior

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