27 09, 2022

Cat Simulators VR Series – Video #6: Immersive & Engaging

Our 7-part video series, “VR Training Benefits,” highlights the advantages of VR training.This sixth video highlights how learners become fully immersed when training on the Cat® Simulators VR NOW™ system. VR removes distractions so learners are more engaged and better able to focus on the new skills they are learning.Download the free infographic. If

13 09, 2022

Largest Open Pit Mine Infographic

Covering 1,900 acres, Rio Tinto Kennecott in Salt Lake Valley, Utah, is the world's largest open pit mine, producing more than 19 million tons of minerals since 1906. To learn more about Rio Tinto Kennecott, download this free Cat® Simulators infographic.

8 09, 2022

Avoid Tire Damage on Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment tires are expensive and must be maintained to get the most life and value out of them. Operators should complete a walkaround inspection every day including checking for damage and wear on tires. Beyond the daily inspection, operators must know how to drive, brake, shift and maneuver equipment

6 09, 2022

Cat Simulators VR Series – Video #5: Self Paced Learning

Our 7-part video series, “VR Training Benefits,” highlights the advantages of VR training.This fifth video highlights how operators learn skills and can practice them at their own speed and pace using Cat® Simulators VR NOW™ systems. Additionally, learners using VR are four times more focused than eLearning students.Download the free infographic. If you would

1 09, 2022

OSHA’s Fatal Four Hazards Infographic

For everyone to arrive home safely from work every day, it's critical to keep safety in mind at all times. According to the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), more than 600 workers die each year from a "Fatal Four Hazard." Download our free infographic and use it during your safety

25 08, 2022

Canada’s Top 10 Minerals Infographic

From gold to copper to nickel to diamonds, heavy equipment operators extracted and hauled more than $56 billion worth of minerals in Canada in 2021. Download the free infographic to learn more about Canada's diverse mining industry.

11 08, 2022

Hoopaugh Grading Company Infographic

Hoopaugh Grading Company (HGC), one of the largest general contractors in North and South Carolina, takes a holistic approach to training its heavy equipment operators. By including three state-of-the-art, customizable Cat® Simulators systems in its training program over the past two years, HGC has experienced significant savings in three key

28 07, 2022

Simformed July/August 2022

In This Issue NEW! Cat® Simulators Backhoe Loader Training System, Wheel Loader Machine Safety Infographic, Making a Difference in Incarcerated Prisoners’ Lives One Training Program at a Time, In-Person Training NEW! Cat® Simulators Backhoe Loader System Set in a construction setting, the new Cat® Simulators Backhoe Loader system trains students

26 07, 2022

5,000 Years of Silver Mining Infographic

Throughout time, mining for silver has changed dramatically. More than 5,000 years ago, silver miners used their hands and stones to dig up the precious metal. Today, silver mines use mining equipment to produce millions of ounces annually. To be as productive as possible, mining equipment operators need to be