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When I ask managers and leaders in our industry what causes them pain, there is a common theme: Finding the right people for the jobs in their organizations, budget, and production levels. Being able to offer some answers is always a welcome conversation. Simulators can be incorporated into training programs to help operators learn controls and applications that make them better producers, more efficient and safe on the job. Plus, no fuel is used during simulator training which means immediate cost savings that is often enough savings to pay for the simulators. When you put pen to paper and add up the benefits, it’s not hard to see how simulator training can change your business for the better.

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Small Wheel Loader

Wheel Loaders (a.k.a. front-end loaders and bucket loaders) are used to move and load materials such as clay, soil, snow, feed, gravel, rocks, sand, woodchips and many other types. The versatility makes it a great investment, but versatility also means it is a difficult machine to learn to operate. Accidents can easily occur if the operator doesn’t know how to correctly use the controls, buttons and levers or perform the necessary applications in an efficient manner.

Take a look at the infographic to find out more about the anatomy of a Small Wheel Loader. Contact a Cat® Simulators Account Manager today at 1.309.266.2640 and find out how to integrate simulators into your training program.

Rent Cat® Simulators

Add Cat® Simulators to your next training Program! Rental units are available for many simulator models. Cat Simulators are mobile so you can easily take them on the road to jobsites or satellite locations. Plus, leave machines in production for the simulator portion of training! To find out how you can rent simulators for training, contact Kim Dillard, Rental Program Manager at 1.309.266.2643.

Visit Cat® Simulators Showroom & Headquarters!

Visit Cat Simulators Showroom

Would you like to visit the Cat® Simulators showroom and Simformotion™ LLC’s headquarters in Peoria, Illinois, USA? We would love to show you around our operation. Contact Kim Dillard at 1.309.266.2643 to arrange a visit to Peoria!

See a Cat® Simulators Demo in Your Area!

We’re sending Cat® Simulators on the road. Visit our Events page often as we will continually be adding locations to the line-up. Demo the latest in training technology and discover how organizations are increasing safety awareness, reducing costs and enjoying many other benefits by adding simulators to their training programs.

Learn Tipping Points on the Articulated Truck

Because the Articulated Truck has an oscillating hitch instead of a rigid frame body, operators need to learn the tipping points. Cat® Simulators Articulated Truck System can teach learners how to reduce accidents caused by tipping and overturning. To find out how your operation can benefit from the Articulated Truck simulator, contact an Account Manager at 1.309.266.2640.

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