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Reap the benefits of simulator training. Fuel use avoidance equates to significant savings. Simulators offer a portable training option and Cat® Simulators visit the Mardi Gras State.

From the Editor

Happy New Year and welcome to the first issue of Simformed for 2017! Every other month, we use this e-mail update to provide you with the latest news about Cat® Simulators and the industries that we serve. Our goal is to make this not only a quick read, but also informative – sharing product updates, success stories from current customers, operating tips and ideas that you can put to work in your organization today.

Speaking of goals, we’re sure you have a few for the New Year, too! And if your goals are related to heavy equipment operator training, we’ve got a couple resources to share with you that just might help you reach them.

The first is the 2017-2018 Cat Simulators Scholarship – an opportunity for individuals wanting to further their education or training organizations/schools looking for a way to encourage more students to consider heavy-equipment training programs. The application window is now open and details about the process can be found here. Individuals are encouraged to apply. Training facilities and schools can use the information in promotional efforts to build interest in their programs.

The next is our Grants List. While we don’t endorse the validity of any grant program, we know that “finding” money that can be allocated to training may often create a barrier. So if you have a goal this year to expand training for your organization and are looking for ways to offset costs, take a look at the grants.

At the end of the day, our goals for the New Year are the same as yours – to help you solve your biggest business challenges and reach your goals for growth. We’re ready to listen, offer valuable insight and partner with you to discover the best solution for your business.

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Operator Tip

When operating tracked vehicles, particularly dozers and excavators, keep your track speed under control. Some operators abuse track undercarriages without realizing it by ‘racing’ from place to place. All it takes is one ‘high-speed’ run to overheat the lube and blow out the seals. The machine is down for repair, and you’re out a day (or more) of work plus the money to fix it.

Dan Tucker, CET, CHST
Program Manager, Development & Trainer
Palmer, AK

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The Results Are In – Cat Simulators Help Improve Operator Skills and Save Money


Companies and training facilities using Cat Simulators as a part of their training program are reaping the benefits of a safer, more productive workforce and seeing cost savings in the process.

At Aecon Mining in Alberta, Canada, Cat Simulators have played a large part in making the workforce safer and more productive. In addition to giving operators a base understanding of the equipment, simulators are used to assess operators’ skill levels and perfect the execution of applications that are needed on client sites.

The Arizona Department of Transportation cites cost savings as a key benefit of a simulator solution. As operators learn efficient operations, wear on costly components – like tires – is minimized. Similarly, fuel costs are lower as machines are not used for training and, when used, are operated more efficiently.

For schools that offer heavy equipment training programs, like Tri-Rivers Career Center in Marion, Ohio, incorporating Cat Simulators ensures that companies can be comfortable hiring graduates because students are already familiar with controls and key machine operations. They are able to gain skills in the operation of machinery that was previously unavailable.

Simulators are also a means to attract a younger generation into the industries that employ heavy equipment operators. As the Northwestern Alaska Career and Technical Institute (NACTEC) has discovered, the interface appeals to 21st century learners and helps generate interest in both operator training programs and careers in the industries that they employ. In fact, NACTEC has seen an increase in enrollment of 66% since simulators have been incorporated into the program.

These are just a few example of the ways Cat Simulators are helping companies, schools and training facilities leverage technology to train operators while saving both time and money.

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Just How Much Fuel Can a Simulator Save?

fuel cost

Using a simulator for part of your overall operator training program makes smart economic sense on many levels, especially when it comes to fuel consumption. When an organization uses a simulator, it avoids burning fuel that would be used when training on an actual machine.

Curious about just how much money that equates to? The case studies on our website illustrate the savings from fuel cost avoidance alone for each of our simulator models.

Spoiler alert: The numbers can be significant!

Take Training Where It Needs to Be


A key benefit to incorporating simulators into a training program is their portability. Unlike a machine, moving a simulator system from place to place is much easier and more cost effective. Cat Simulators come with accessory options that help make sure your simulator system can be located wherever you need training to be.

Our Rolling System allows easy transportation and movement of the simulator within your site, while our Trailer Mount Kit can be used to train in the field, at satellite locations or in demonstration environments (recruiting, job fairs, etc.).

Find out how you can get training right where you need it. Email or call 1.309.670.2640.

Simulators on the Road: Baton Rouge Community College, Louisiana


Students at Baton Rouge Community College (BRCC) received a hands-on simulator experience as Account Manager, Les Whaley made a stop at the Port Allen campus with the Cat Simulators Van during a trip to Louisiana.

Students tried their hand at operating the Hydraulic Excavator Simulator System. With many already having experience on the actual equipment, they could easily see how simulators could help them transition to the iron and become more proficient operators.

Instructors even spent some time “coaching” students on the proper operating techniques as they participated in the trenching exercise.  Cajun Industries, a Louisiana-based, nationally recognized construction company, also participated in the visit. The business helps to sponsor the educational program at BRCC and hires many of its students.

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