4 08, 2022

10 Tips for Wheel Loader Machine Safety

Wheel Loaders can be found moving and carrying materials on most construction and quarry job sites. Keeping others as well as themselves safe is one of the operator’s responsibilities. Download the free infographic and post it as a reminder of 10 tips every operator should remember whenever they are operating a Wheel Loader. Contact

26 07, 2022

5,000 Years of Silver Mining Infographic

Throughout time, mining for silver has changed dramatically. More than 5,000 years ago, silver miners used their hands and stones to dig up the precious metal. Today, silver mines use mining equipment to produce millions of ounces annually. To be as productive as possible, mining equipment operators need to be

9 06, 2022

Stay Safe In Trenches

Working in a trench can be extremely dangerous and a deadly cave-in can happen in an instance. Download the Cat® Simulators free infographic and hang it in your shop, breakroom or classroom to remind co-workers, employees or students of trench safety best practices and the need to be vigilant about

19 05, 2022

How Do You Learn Best?

Everyone learns differently– from listening to an instructor or a podcast to looking at charts, graphs and diagrams to reading textbooks, manuals and reports to hands-on training. Operators who learn how to operate heavy equipment on Cat Simulators can learn in their best learning style. Download the free infographic!

5 05, 2022

Infographic: Create a Construction Safety Program

One out of every five worker deaths occur in construction. By taking the time to create a construction safety program for your construction site, you can help prevent accidents and protect your workers. Download our free infographic to learn the steps to take to create your own safety program.

19 04, 2022

Motor Grader Safety Infographic

Found on both construction and mining sites, the Motor Grader is a versatile machine that can move material from dirt to snow; and finish grade a road as smooth as butter. (Ok that last part might be an exaggeration, but you get the picture.) Grader operators must always have an

25 03, 2022

Safe Dozer Operation

Dozers can be found on almost every construction and mining worksite. Download our latest infographic with focus on operating a Dozer safely. Post it in your training area or worksite break area and encourage continued discussion around safety. We share several tips to get the conversation started.

1 03, 2022

VR Training Benefits

Training with VR can help employees and students better understand techniques and applications to learn skills and create greater engagement. Download our free infographic to learn all of the benefits of VR training.

24 02, 2022

Who are Heavy Equipment Operators in the U.S.?

Did you know there are more than 160,000 heavy equipment operators in the U.S.? Who exactly are they? How many are men? How many are women? How old are they? What’s their median pay? To find out the answers to these questions and more, download the free infographic.

14 02, 2022

Mining Is Essential Infographic

Did you know that it takes thousands of pounds of minerals each year to support the needs of just one person?  Think of how many people it takes to keep a mine operation running 24×7. Good training is the key to saving costs and reaching optimum production. Download our free infographic