20 04, 2023

Create a Construction Safety Program

One out of every five worker deaths occurs in construction. Creating a safety program for your construction site can help prevent accidents and protect your workers. Download our free infographic to learn how to create your own safety program so workers can return home safely daily.https://vimeo.com/819513218

18 04, 2023

Excavator Safety Infographic

Heavy equipment operators must keep safety in mind at all times. No matter what size Excavator they are operating, the safety practices are the same. Download our free Excavator Operator Safety Tips infographic to remind operators how to keep themselves, others and the Excavator safe.

6 04, 2023

Cat Simulators Add Value to Carmeuse

How did Carmeuse, a family-owned, global materials and services company, save an estimated $1M in maintenance/repair costs; $595,960 in fuel costs and more than 3,000 productivity hours? By training 3,000 operators on its four state-of-the-art, customizable Cat® Simulators systems over the past four years. Cat Simulators continues to add value

23 03, 2023

Why Conduct a Walkaround Inspection Infographic

Heavy equipment operators can help ensure their safety and that of others on the jobsite by conducting pre-operation walkaround inspections. They can also identify any mechanical problems or issues that need to be addressed, saving maintenance and repair costs. Download our free infographic and post it as a reminder of the key components

23 02, 2023

Extending Tire Life Infographic

Off-highway and mining truck operators can help extend a truck's tire life and prevent tires from failing prematurely. Download this free infographic to provide operators with some tips and best practices they should remember when operating a truck on the road, job site or mining operation.

17 01, 2023

Dozer Operator Safety Tips Infographic

Dozers come in multiple sizes and can be found moving materials efficiently and effectively on both construction and mining sites. Like all heavy equipment operators, Dozer operators must always have an eye on safety. Download our free Dozer Operator Safety Tips infographic to remind operators how to keep themselves, others and the Dozer

10 01, 2023

Innovation Drives Sustainability Infographic

When companies replace traditional on-the-iron heavy equipment training with Cat Simulators systems, they can help meet corporate sustainability initiatives while saving fuel, oil and other maintenance costs. Download our free infographic to learn more about how training with simulators can drive sustainability and save costs.

13 12, 2022

Mining Labour in Canada Infographic

With 80,000 new mining workers needed in Canada by 2030, how can mining companies fill the pipeline? By training future workers on authentic Cat® controls in Cat Simulators systems. Download this free Cat Simulators infographic to learn more about mining workers in Canada.

29 11, 2022

Heavy Equipment Operator Demand Infographic

With more than 50,800 new heavy equipment operator positions projected to be added to the U.S. workforce every year until 2031, proper training will be needed more than ever. By training future operators on Cat® Simulators systems, the pipeline can be filled with efficient, productive and safe operators.

11 10, 2022

Cat® Simulators Best User Experience Infographic

Cat® Simulators users who integrate our three different digital elements – SimU Campus™, Cat Simulators Support and SimScholars™ – into their heavy equipment operator (HEO) program can get the best user experience. Find out how you can integrate all three into your HEO program by downloading our free infographic.