Heavy equipment operators can affect a mine or quarry’s bottom line depending on how efficient or inefficient they complete a load, haul and dump cycle. Traditionally, training heavy equipment operators means using actual machines and letting them learn with the trial-and-error method. With heavy equipment simulators, there is no need to take machines out of production. Instead, teach operators the correct techniques and procedures on simulators any time day or night. Simulation training allows users to make mistakes and practice key control movements without negatively affecting production levels. Even a seasoned operator can use the simulators to break bad habits and refine the skills needed to boost production.

Cat® Simulators models include both a Large Wheel Loader and Off-Highway Truck. The machines are used in many mining and quarry operations throughout the world. Operators can learn driving, maneuvering, stockpiling, loading and unloading techniques, along with other applications found on real-world jobsites in the safety of a virtual environment. The simulators can be used to screen new operator hires as well. With simulator training, companies can reduce fuel costs; keep machines in production; and increase tons, moved which all add up to bigger profits.

Take a look at the infographic to find out how operators can affect if they are not operating at 100% efficiency. Imagine how multiple operators are affecting your organization’s bottom line. Contact a Cat Simulators Account Manager today at 1.309.266.2640, or by e-mail at sales@dev.catsimulators.com and find out how to integrate simulator training into your mining or quarry operation.

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