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Gurdon High School trains students for the Timber Industry

The logging and timber industry is one of the most important in the area. Gurdon High School is training students for the workforce with Cat® Simulators.

Arcade-Like Simulator Teaches PG&E Employees How to Safely Operate Heavy Equipment

At PG&E’s training center, the utility company is teaching employees how to use heavy equipment before they get in the field. The military uses simulators to train heavy equipment operators, and now PG&E is doing the same thing with Cat® Simulators. 

Tri-Rivers Career Center Students Use Cat® Simulators

Jim Rittler, Ag and Industrial Power Technology Instructor at Tri-Rivers Career Center, has been teaching for the past 20 years. He discusses how Cat® Simulators has impacted training and educating today’s skilled graduates.

Dexter Construction & Mining Use Cat® Simulators

Find out how Dexter Construction Company LTD. & Dexter Mining Inc. are using Cat Simulators in their operator training program. Discover the advantages of using Cat® Simulators to reduce costs, train more operators and increase production.

Why Unions Train with Cat® Simulators

Learn why unions are training heavy equipment operators using Cat® Simulators Systems.

MRCC Students Train with Cat® Simulators

Students at Mesabi Range Community & Technical College demonstrate their skills on the medium hydraulic excavator and m-series motor grader simulator systems.

Northwest Iowa College Students Train with Cat® Simulators

Watch the students at Northwest Iowa Community College as they train with Cat Simulators. The heavy equipment program was recently expanded to include virtual training. Students share the benefits.