As a service to Caterpillar®, Simformotion™ LLC hosts the page for Caterpillar’s Equipment Training Solutions Group and its operator training eLearning disks. Simformotion is the licensee for Cat® Simulators for Caterpillar Inc.

Simformotion designs, builds and sells Cat heavy equipment simulator systems. Simulation training can cut costs, better train operators for real work, and increase safety awareness. Find out more about the simulator systems by contacting a Cat Simulators Account Manager at 1.309.670.7595 or e-mail learn@catsimulators.com. CONTACT US TO LEARN MORE!

In addition to Cat Simulator training, instructor-led machine training is available by Cat Certified Instructors. Visit Caterpillar Equipment Training Solutions website for additional information.

As used herein, “Simformotion” means Simformotion™ LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.

Visit support.catsimulators.com for available disks.